12 dokazanih koristi avokada – pod angl. besedilom je slovenski prevod z računalniškim prevajalnikom BING

The avocado is a rather unique type of fruit.

Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats.

Numerous studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health.

Here are 12 health benefits of avocado, that are supported by scientific research.


1. Avocado is Incredibly Nutritious

What we refer to as “avocado” is the fruit of the avocado tree, called Persea americana (1).

This fruit is prized for its high nutrient value and is added to all sorts of dishes due to its good flavor and rich texture. It is the main ingredient in guacamole.

These days, the avocado has become an incredibly popular food among health conscious individuals. It is often referred to as a superfood… which is not surprising given its health properties (2).

There are many kinds of avocados, and the shape (from pear-shaped to round) and color (from green to black) can vary between them. They can also weigh anywhere from 8 ounces (220 grams) to 3 pounds (1.4 kg).

The most popular type is called Hass avocado.

This is what a typical avocado looks like:

It is often called “alligator pear,” which is very descriptive because it tends to be shaped like a pear and have green, bumpy skin… like an alligator.

The yellow-green flesh inside the fruit is eaten, but the skin and seed are discarded.

Avocados are very nutritious and contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals.

Here are some of the most abundant nutrients, in a single 3.5 ounce (100 gram) serving (3):

  • Vitamin K: 26% of the RDA.
  • Folate: 20% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin C: 17% of the RDA.
  • Potassium: 14% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B5: 14% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B6: 13% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin E: 10% of the RDA.
  • Then it contains small amounts of Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, Vitamin A, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin).

This is coming with 160 calories, 2 grams of protein and 15 grams of healthy fats. Although it contains 9 grams of carbs, 7 of those are fiber so there are only 2 “net” carbs, making this a low-carb friendly plant food.

Avocados do not contain any cholesterol or sodium, and are low in saturated fat. I personally don’t think that matters, but this is one of the reasons they are favored by many “old school” experts who still believe these things are inherently harmful.

Bottom Line: Avocado is a green, pear-shaped fruit often called an “alligator pear.” It is loaded with healthy fats, fiber and various important nutrients.

2. They Contain More Potassium Than Bananas

Potassium is a nutrient that most people aren’t getting enough of (4).

This nutrient helps maintain electrical gradients in the body’s cells and serves various important functions.

Avocados are actually very high in potassium… with a 100 gram (3.5 ounce) serving containing 14% of the RDA, compared to 10% in bananas, which are a typical high potassium food (5).

Several studies show that having a high potassium intake is linked to reduced blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure (6).

Bottom Line: Potassium is an important mineral that most people don’t get enough of. Avocados are very high in potassium, which should support healthy blood pressure levels.

3. Avocado is Loaded With Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Again, avocado is a high fat food.

In fact, 77% of the calories in it are from fat, making it one of the fattiest plant foods in existence.

But they don’t just contain any fat… the majority of the fat in avocado is oleic acid.

This is a monounsaturated fatty acid that is also the major component in olive oil and believed to be responsible for some of its beneficial effects.

Oleic acid has been linked to reduced inflammation and been shown to have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer (78910).

The fats in avocado are also pretty resistant to heat-induced oxidation, makingavocado oil a healthy and safe choice for cooking.

Bottom Line: Avocados and avocado oil are high in monounsaturated oleic acid, a “heart healthy” fatty acid that is believed to be one of the main reasons for the health benefits of olive oil.

4. Avocados Are Loaded With Fiber

Fiber is another nutrient found in relatively large amounts in avocado.

Fiber is indigestible plant matter that can contribute to weight loss, reduce blood sugar spikes and is strongly linked to a lower risk of many diseases (111213).

A distinction is often made between soluble and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber is known to be able to feed the friendly gut bacteria in the intestine, which are very important for the optimal function of our bodies (14).

A 100 gram (3.5 ounce) serving of avocado contains 7 grams of fiber, which is 27% of the recommended daily amount.

About 25% of the fiber in avocado is soluble, while 75% is insoluble (15).

Bottom Line: Avocados tend to be high in fiber, about 7% by weight, which is very high compared to most other foods. Fiber can have various important benefits for weight loss and metabolic health.

5. Eating Avocados Can Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in the world (16).

It is known that several blood markers are linked to an increased risk.

This includes cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammatory markers, blood pressure and various others.

The effects of avocado on some of these risk factors has been studied in 8 human controlled trials.

These are studies where people are split into groups… one group is instructed to eat avocados, while the other is not. Then researchers see what happens to their blood markers over time.

These studies have shown that avocados can (17181920212223):

  • Reduce total cholesterol levels significantly.
  • Reduce blood triglycerides by up to 20%.
  • Lower LDL cholesterol by up to 22%.
  • Increase HDL (the “good”) cholesterol by up to 11%.

One of the studies showed that including avocado in a low-fat vegetarian diet led to improvements in the cholesterol profile (24).

Unfortunately, all of the human studies were small (13-37 subjects) and short-term (1-4 weeks), but the results were impressive nonetheless.

Bottom Line: Numerous studies have shown that eating avocado can improve heart disease risk factors like Total, LDL and HDL cholesterol, as well as blood triglycerides.

6. People Who Eat Avocados Tend to be Healthier

One study looked at the dietary habits and health of people who eat avocados.

They analyzed data from 17,567 participants in the NHANES survey in the U.S.

Avocado consumers were found to be much healthier than people who didn’t eat avocados.

They had a much higher nutrient intake and were half as likely to have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that are a major risk factor for heart disease and diabetes (25).

People who ate avocados regularly also weighed less, had a lower BMI and significantly less belly fat. They also had more HDL (the “good”) cholesterol.

However… correlation does not imply causation and there is no guarantee that the avocados caused these people to be in better health.

Therefore I don’t think this particular study carries much weight.

Bottom Line: One dietary survey found that people who ate avocados had a much higher nutrient intake and had a lower risk of metabolic syndrome.

7. The Fat in Them Can Help You Absorb Nutrients From Plant Foods

When it comes to nutrients, the total amount of them is not the only thing that matters.

We also need to be able to absorb them… move them from the digestive tract and into the body, where they can be used.

Some nutrients are “fat soluble,” meaning that they need to be combined with fat in order to be utilized.

This includes vitamins A, D, E and K… along with antioxidants like carotenoids.

One study showed that adding avocado or avocado oil to either salad or salsa can increase antioxidant absorption by 2.6 to 15-fold (26).

So… not only is avocado highly nutritious, it can dramatically increase the nutrient value of other plant foods that you are eating.

This is an excellent reason to always include a healthy fat source when you eat veggies. Without it, a lot of the beneficial plant nutrients will go to waste.

Bottom Line: Studies have shown that eating avocado or avocado oil with veggies can dramatically increase the amount of antioxidants you take in.

8. Avocados Are Loaded With Powerful Antioxidants That Can Protect The Eyes

Not only do avocados increase antioxidant absorption from other foods, they are also high in antioxidants themselves.

This includes nutrients called Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are incredibly important for eye health (2728).

Studies show that these nutrients are linked to a drastically reduced risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, which are common in the elderly (2930).

Therefore, eating avocados should have benefits for eye health over the long term.

Bottom Line: Avocados are high in antioxidants, including Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These nutrients are very important for eye health and lower the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

9. Avocado May Help Prevent Cancer

There is limited evidence that avocado may be beneficial in preventing cancer.

One study showed that it may help reduce side effects of chemotherapy in human lymphocytes (31).

Avocado extract has also been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells (32).

However, keep in mind that these studies were done in isolated cells and don’t really prove anything about what happens in a living, breathing human.

Bottom Line: Some studies in isolated cells have shown that nutrients in avocados may have benefits in preventing prostate cancer, and lowering side effects of chemotherapy in some cells.

10. Avocado Extract May Help Relieve Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is a common problem in Western countries. There are many types of arthritis, and these are often chronic problems that people have for the rest of their lives.

Multiple studies have shown that extracts from avocado and soybean oil, calledAvocado and Soybean unsaponifiables, can reduce symptoms of arthritis of the bones, called osteoarthritis (3334).

Whether avocados themselves can have this effect, and not just the extract, remains to be seen.

Bottom Line: Studies have shown that an extract from avocado and soybean oils can significantly reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis.

11. Eating Avocado May Help You Lose Weight

There is some evidence that avocados are a weight loss friendly food.

In one study, people were split into groups. One group was instructed to eat a meal that contained avocado, the other a similar meal without avocado.

Then they were asked a series of questions related to hunger and satiety.

The people eating the avocado felt 23% more satisfied and had a 28% lower desire to eat over the next 5 hours (35).

If this holds true in the long-term, then including avocados in your diet could help you naturally eat fewer calories and have an easier time sticking to a healthy diet.

Avocados are also high in fiber, and very low in carbs, two attributes that should also help promote weight loss, at least in the context of a healthy, real food based diet.

12. Avocado is Delicious and Easy to Incorporate in The Diet

Not only are avocados healthy, they’re also incredibly delicious and go with all sorts of foods.

You can add them to salads and various sorts of recipes, or you can simply scoop them out with a spoon and eat them plain.

They have a creamy, rich, fatty texture and blend well with various other ingredients.

A notable mention is guacamole, which is arguably the most famous use of avocados. It includes avocado along with ingredients like salt, garlic, lime and a few others depending on the recipe.

An avocado often takes some time to ripen and it should feel slightly soft when ripe. The nutrients in avocado can oxidize soon after fleshing it, but if you add lemon juice then that shouldn’t happen as quickly.

If you’re serious about adding avocado to your diet, then I highly recommend that you watch this video about how to pick, prepare and eat avocados.

At the end of the day, avocados are an awesome food. They’re loaded with nutrients, many of which are lacking in the modern diet.

They are weight loss friendly, heart healthy and… last but not least, taste incredible.

What more could you ask for in a food?


Avokada je precej edinstven vrsta sadja.
Večina sadja je sestavljena predvsem ogljikovih hidratov, medtem ko avokado je veliko zdravih maščob.
Številne študije kažejo, da ima močan koristne učinke na zdravje.
Tukaj so 12 koristi za zdravje od avokada, ki so podprte z znanstvenimi raziskavami.
1. avokado je izjemno hranljivo
Kaj smo se nanašajo na kot “avokado” je plod drevesa avokada, imenovano Persea americana (1).
To sadje je zelo dragocena zaradi svoje visoke vrednosti hranil in doda vse vrste jedi zaradi svoj dober okus in bogato teksturo. To je glavna sestavina v guacamole.
Te dni, avokada je postala neverjetno priljubljena hrana med zdravstveno zavednega posameznikov. To se pogosto imenuje superfood…, kar ni presenetljivo glede na njegovo zdravje lastnosti (2).
Obstaja veliko različnih vrst avokado in obliko (iz hruškaste oblike zaokrožiti) in barv (od zelene do črne) lahko razlikuje med njimi. Lahko tudi tehtajo kjerkoli od 8 unč (220 gramov)-3 funtov (1,4 kg).
Najbolj priljubljena vrsta se imenuje avokado Hass.
To je, kaj tipično avokado izgleda:
To se pogosto imenuje “aligator hruška”, ki je zelo opisen, ker kaže, da je v obliki a hruška in so zelene, Neravan koža… kot aligator.
Rumeno-zeleno meso znotraj plod je jedel, vendar kožo in semena so zavrženi.
Avokado so zelo hranljivo in vsebuje široko paleto hranilnih snovi, vključno z 20 različnih vitaminov in mineralov.
Tukaj je nekaj najbolj obilno hranil v enotni 3,5 unča (100 gram) služi (3):
Vitamin K: 26 % RDA.
Folata: 20 % RDA.
Vitamin C: 17 % RDA.
Kalij: 14 % RDA.
Vitamin B5: 14 % RDA.
Vitamin B6: 13 % RDA.
Vitamin E: 10 % RDA.
Potem vsebuje majhne količine magnezija, mangana, bakra, železa, cink, fosfor, Vitamin A, B1 (tiamin), B2 (Riboflavin) in B3 (Niacin).
To prihaja s 160 kalorij, 2 gramov beljakovin in 15 gramov zdrave maščobe. Čeprav vsebuje 9 gramov ogljikovih hidratov, 7 tistih so vlakna, tako obstajajo samo 2 “neto” ogljikovih hidratov, zaradi česar ta prijazne sadika živilo nizko carb.
Avokado vsebuje holesterola ali natrija in so nizko vsebnost nasičenih maščob. Osebno ne mislim, da zadeve, ampak to je eden od razlogov, da so preferiraju z veliko “old school” so po naravi škodljivih strokovnjaki, ki še vedno verjamejo v te stvari.
Bottom Line: Avokado je zelena, hruškaste oblike sadje, pogosto imenovano “aligator hruška.” Je naložen z zdravih maščob, vlaknin in raznih pomembnih hranil.
2. vsebujejo več kalija kot banane
Kalij je hranila, da večina ljudi niso dobili dovolj (4).
Ta hranila pomaga ohranjati električne vzponi v telesne celice in služi različne pomembne funkcije.
Avokado so dejansko zelo veliko kalija… s 100 gram (3,5 unča) služi vsebuje 14 % RDA, v primerjavi z 10 % za banane, ki so značilne visoke kalija živil (5).
Številne študije kažejo, da imajo visoko kalija vnos je povezano z zmanjšano krvni tlak, glavni dejavnik tveganja za srčni infarkt, kapi in odpoved ledvic (6).
Bottom Line: Kalijev je pomemben mineral, ki je večina ljudi ne dobijo dovolj. Avokado so zelo veliko kalija, ki mora podpirati zdravo raven krvnega tlaka.
3. avokado je natovorjen s srčno-zdravo enkrat nenasičene maščobne kisline
Again, avokado je visoki maščobe hrane.
V bistvu, 77 % kalorij v njej so iz maščob, zaradi česar je eden od fattiest rastlinska hrana v obstoj.
Ampak samo ne vsebujejo kakršne koli maščobe… večina maščobe v avokado je oleinska kislina.
To je enkrat nenasičene maščobne kisline, ki je tudi glavna sestavina v olivnem olju in verjel, da je odgovoren za nekatere koristne učinke.
Oleinska kislina je bila povezana z zmanjša vnetje in dokazali, da ima pozitivne učinke na genih, ki so povezana z rakom (7, 8, 9, 10).
Maščob v avokado so tudi zelo odporne na toploto povzroča oksidacijo, makingavocado olje je zdrava in varna izbira za kuhanje.
Bottom Line: Avokado in avokadovo olje so visoko v mononenasičene oleinske kisline, “srce zdravih” maščobne kisline, ki je verjel, da je eden od glavnih razlogov za zdravstvene koristi oljčnega olja.
4. avokado so naloženi z vlaken
Fiber je druga hranila v relativno velike količine v avokado.
Fiber je prebavljiva rastlinske snovi, ki lahko prispevajo k hujšanje, zmanjšajo dvige sladkorja v krvi in manjše tveganje za mnoge bolezni (11, 12, 13) močno povezana.
Pogosto razlikujemo med topnih in netopnih vlaknin.
Topne vlaknine je znano, da je lahko krmo prijazno črevesju bakterije v črevesju, ki so zelo pomembne za optimalno delovanje našega telesa (14).
100 gramov (3,5 unča) služijo za avokado vsebuje 7 gramov vlaknin, kar je 27 % priporočene dnevne količine.
Približno 25 % vlaknin v avokado je topna, medtem, ko je 75 % netopne (15).
Bottom Line: Avokado so ponavadi visoko v fiber, približno 7 % po teži, ki je zelo visoka v primerjavi z najbolj drugih živil. Fiber lahko imajo različne pomembne koristi za hujšanje in zdravje presnove.
5. jedo avokado lahko zniža raven holesterola in trigliceridov
Bolezen srca je najpogostejši vzrok smrti v svetu (16).
Znano je, da več krvi označevalce so povezane s povečanim tveganjem.
To vključuje holesterola, trigliceridov, vnetnih markerjev, krvni tlak in različnih drugih.
Avokado učinke na nekatere od teh dejavnikov tveganja je bila raziskana v 8 ljudi kontroliranih preskušanjih.
To so študije, kjer ljudje so razdeljeni v skupine… ena skupina je zadolžen, da Jejte avokado, medtem ko drugi pa ne. Nato raziskovalci videti, kaj se zgodi, da svoje krvi označevalce sčasoma.
Te študije so pokazale, da lahko avokado (17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23):
Bistveno znižanje ravni skupnega holesterola.
Do 20 % zmanjšanje trigliceridov v krvi.
Nižje LDL holesterol do 22 %.
Do 11 % povečanje HDL (»dobrega« «) holesterola.
Ena od študij je pokazala, da tudi avokado v nizko-maščob vegetarijanska prehrana vodila k izboljšanju tamkajšnjega holesterola profil (24).
Na žalost, vse človekove študije so bile majhne (13-37 predmetov) in kratkoročne (1-4 tedne), ampak rezultati so bili impresivni vseeno.
Bottom Line: Številne študije so pokazale, da uživanje avokada lahko izboljšali dejavniki tveganja bolezni srca kot skupno, LDL in HDL holesterola, kot tudi krvi trigliceridi.
6. ljudje, ki jedo avokado so ponavadi zdravi
Ena študija je pogledal na prehranjevalne navade in zdravje ljudi, ki jedo avokado.
So analizirani podatki od 17,567 udeležencev v raziskavi NHANES v ZDA
Avokado potrošniki so bili ugotovljeno, da je veliko bolj zdravo, kot ljudje, ki ni jedel avokado.
Imel je veliko višji vnos hranil in so pol verjetno imeli Metabolni sindrom skupek simptomov, ki so glavni dejavnik tveganja za bolezni srca in diabetes (25).
Ljudje, ki so jedli avokado redno tudi tehtajo manj, imeli nižje ITM in bistveno manj trebuh maščobe. Imeli so tudi več HDL (»dobrega« «) holesterola.
Vendar… Korelacija ne pomeni vzročnosti in ni nobenega jamstva, da avokado zaradi teh ljudi, da se bolj zdravi.
Zato ne verjamem, te posebne študije nosi veliko težo.
Bottom Line: En prehranskih raziskava je ugotovila, da ljudje, ki so jedli avokado je a veliko višji vnos hranil in imeli manjše tveganje za Metabolni sindrom.
7. maščobe v njih lahko vam pomaga absorbirati hranilnih snovi iz rastlinskih živil
Ko gre za hranilne snovi, skupni znesek od njih ni edina stvar, ki zadevah.
Prav tako moramo imeti možnost, da jih absorbirajo… jih premaknete iz prebavnega trakta in v telo, kjer se lahko uporabijo.
Nekaterih hranil so “maščobe topne,” kar pomeni, da morajo biti skupaj z maščobo, da bi izkoriščena.
To vključuje vitaminov A, D, E in K… skupaj z antioksidantov kot so Karotenoidi.
Neka študija je pokazala, da dodajanje avokadovo ali avokadovo olje za solato ali salsa poveča absorpcijo antioksidant z 2,6 do 15-krat (26).
Torej… ne samo, da je avokado zelo hranljiva, lahko dramatično povečanje hranil vrednost drugih rastlinska hrana ki jo jeste.
To je odličen razlog za vedno vključevati vir zdravih maščob, ko jeste veggies. Brez nje, veliko koristnih rastlinskih makrohranil bo šel z odpadki.
Bottom Line: Študije so pokazale, da jedo avokadovo ali avokadovo olje z veggies lahko dramatično poveča količino antioksidantov, ste vzeli v.
8. avokado so natovorjen s močnih antioksidantov, ki lahko zaščiti oči
Ne samo avokado poveča absorpcijo antioksidantov iz druge hrane, so tudi veliko antioksidantov, sami.
To vključuje hranil, ki se imenuje Lutein in zeaksantin, ki so izjemno pomembni za zdravje oči (27, 28).
Študije kažejo, da so hranilne snovi povezane drastično zmanjšano tveganje sive mrene in degeneracija makule, ki so pogoste pri starejših (29, 30).
Zato jedo avokado mora imeti koristi za zdravje oči na dolgi rok.
Bottom Line: Avokado vsebuje veliko antioksidantov, vključno Lutein in zeaksantin. Hranilne snovi so zelo pomembni za zdravje oči in manjše tveganje za degeneracije rumene pege in sive mrene.
9. avokado lahko pomaga pri preprečevanju raka
Omejeni dokazi da avokado je lahko koristna pri preprečevanju raka.
Ena študija je pokazala, da lahko pomaga zmanjšati stranske učinke kemoterapije v človeških limfocitih (31).
Izvleček avokada tudi dokazano, da zavirajo rast celic raka prostate (32).
Vendar, ne pozabite, da te študije so bili narejeno v izoliranih celic in ne res izkaže, ničesar o tem, kaj se dogaja v živi, dihanje ljudi.
Bottom Line: Nekatere študije v izoliranih celic so pokazale, da imajo lahko hranil v avokado koristi pri preprečevanju raka na prostati, in znižanje neželenih učinkov kemoterapije v nekaterih celicah.
10. avokado ekstrakt lahko pomagajo lajšanje simptomov artritisa
Artritis je pogosta težava v zahodnih državah. Obstaja veliko vrst artritisa, in to so pogosto kronične težave, da imajo ljudje za preostanek svojega življenja.
Več študije so pokazale, da izvlečki iz avokada in sojino olje, calledAvocado in sojino neumiljivih snovi, lahko zmanjšajo simptomi artritisa kosti, imenovano za Osteoartroza (33, 34).
Avokado, sami lahko imajo ta učinek, in ne samo ekstrakta, bomo še videli.
Bottom Line: Študije so pokazale, da izvleček avokada in sojinega olja lahko znatno zmanjša simptome osteoartritisa.
11. jedo avokado lahko vam pomagajo izgubiti težo
Obstaja nekaj dokazov, da avokado so težo izguba prijazno hrano.
V eni študiji, ljudi so bile razdeljene v skupine. Ena skupina je bilo naročeno, da jedo obrok, ki jih vsebuje avokado, drugi podoben obrok brez avokado.
Potem so bile naprošene vrsto vprašanj, povezanih z lakote in sitosti.
Ljudje, ki jedo avokada čutil 23 % bolj zadovoljni in imel 28 % nižje željo jesti v naslednjih 5 urah (35).
Če to velja na dolgi rok, potem tudi avokado v vaši prehrani lahko pomagam naravno jesti manj kalorij in imajo lažje časa z vztrajanjem na zdravo prehrano.
Avokado vsebuje tudi veliko vlaknin, in zelo nizko vsebnostjo ogljikovih hidratov, dve lastnosti, ki naj bi tudi pomagal spodbujati hujšanje, vsaj v okviru zdravo, resnično hrana temelji prehrana.
12. avokado je slasten in enostaven za združiti v The prehrana
Ne le, da so avokado, zdrav, oni so tudi neverjetno okusno in pojdi z vsemi vrstami hrane.
Jih lahko dodate v solate in različne vrste recepti, ali lahko preprosto izdolbemo z žlico in jih jedo navaden.
Imajo teksturo kremasto, bogato, maščobnih in dobro zmešati z različnimi drugimi sestavinami.
Znatna omeniti je guacamole, ki je verjetno najbolj znana uporaba avokado. To vključuje avokado skupaj s sestavinami, kot so sol, česen, apno in nekaj drugih glede na recept.
Avokada, pogosto traja nekaj časa, da dozori in naj se počutim nekoliko mehki, ko so zreli. Hranil v avokado oksidira kmalu po oblikuje to, ampak če ste dodali limonin sok nato, da se ne bi zgodilo tako hitro.
Če ste resni o dodajanju avokado v vaši prehrani, potem sem močno priporočamo, da si ogledate ta video o tem, kako izbrati, pripraviti in jejte avokado.
Ob koncu dneva, avokado so super hrano. Oni so natovorjen s hranili, ki manjkajo v sodobni prehrani.
Težo izguba prijazno, srce zdravo… in nenazadnje, okus je neverjetno.
Kaj več bi lahko zahtevali živilo?
Ta članek je bil napisan z Kris Gunnars in je bil prvotno objavljen tukaj.

This article was written By Kris Gunnars and was originally published here.

Ovaj recept je odličan za one koji žele da izgube višak kilograma u kratkom vremenskom periodu.


1 kašičica rendanog korena đumbira
1 krastavac
1 limun
1 limeta
12 listova mente
2.2 l vode


Oljuštite i narendajte krastavac. Narendajte limun, limetu i đumbir takođe. Stavite sve sastojke u staklenou bocu. Držite piće u frižideru preko noći. Pijte 3 čaše napitka dnevno – ujutro i pola sata pre obroka.

Ova zdrava kombinacija će vam pomoći da izgubite kilograme i istopite salo sa stomaka bez  gladi.Takođe će ojačati vaš imuni sistem i dati vam lep osećaj svežine.

Uživajte u piću i promeni koje on donosi. Uvek idite za sagorevanjem masti prirodno. Probajte i delite svoje rezultate!

Recept za ekstra mršavljenje:

Đumbir stimuliše varenje i sagorevanje masti. Takođe pojačava metabolizam za 20% i ispira toksine iz tela. Đumbir je neophodan pomoćnik u svakom zdravom režimu ishrane.

Štiti i podmlađuje kožu. Umijte lice sa čajem od đumbira jednom nedeljno i uživajte u svežem i mladalačkom tenu.

Čaj od đumbira će vam pomoći da istopite višak kilograma.

Iseckajte koren đumbira i sipajte u malo vrele vode. Držite čaj u termosu i popijte ga tokom dana. Za optimalne rezultate, pijte ga pola sata pre obroka. Veoma lako se pravi i veoma je efikasan!




Vaginitis is the most usual issue in gynecology, it is also known as a vaginal inflammation. Nearly every woman is suffering from this disease in some part of their life, although 15% of women are suffering from vaginal inflammation once a year.

The most usual symptoms are itching of the vulva, enhanced secretion from the vagina with a change of color or scent of the vaginal secretion, painful intercourse, painful and frequent urination, timidity of the external genital structures, etc.
The most usual type of vaginitis is called candidiasis infection caused by yeast fungi Candida albicans.
Dr. Eileen Hilton, infectious disease specialist from New York, says that you can eliminate this issue and very others with very effective natural way.
All you need to do is to drink a glass of fresh yogurt every day for a longer period. In fact, this recipe means regular consumption of yogurt, which must be contained by live acidophulis bacteria cultures.
There were some researches where Dr. Hilton encircled women who had repeatable vaginal inflammation. They were separated in two groups, where one group consumed a regular daily cup of yogurt, and the other did not. Three months later the vaginal inflammation it the group that used yogurt was decreased up to three times, in comparison to women who did not consumed yogurt.
With common yogurt intake, the inflammation was almost completely eliminated. Dr. Hilton counsels that every woman who is suffering from this problem should use one cup of yogurt per day.
The acidophilus which are found in many yogurts regulate the flora and treats inflammation. You can make yogurt at home if you use acidophilus cultures that can be bought in many health food markets. If you can’t make it by yourself by an compatible yoghurt in the store.


Vaginitis je najbolj običajna težava v ginekologijo, je znan tudi kot vnetje nožnice. Skoraj vsaka ženska je zbolela to v nekaj del njihovega življenja, čeprav 15 % ženske trpijo vnetje nožnice enkrat letno.
Najbolj običajni simptomi so srbenje vulve, povečano izločanje iz nožnice s spremembo barve ali vonj nožnice izločanje, boleč odnos, boleče in pogosto uriniranje, zadržanosti zunanjih spolnih struktur, itd.
Najbolj običajna vrsta vaginitis je imenovana kandidoza okužba posledica glive kvasovke Candida albicans.
Dr. Tatjana Hilton, specialist za nalezljive bolezni iz New Yorka, pravi, da lahko odpravi težavo in zelo drugi z zelo učinkovit naraven način.
Vse kar morate storiti je, da Popijte kozarec svežega jogurta vsak dan za daljše obdobje. Dejstvo je, ta recept pomeni redno uživanje jogurta, ki jih morajo vsebovati žive acidophulis bakterije kulture.
Tam so bili nekateri raziskovalci kjer Dr. Hilton obkrožena ženske, ki so imeli ponovljivi vnetje nožnice. So bili ločeni v dve skupini, kjer ena skupina porabljene redno dnevno skodelico jogurt, in druge ni. Tri mesece kasneje vnetje nožnice, ki je skupina, ki uporablja jogurt je zmanjšala do tri-krat, v primerjavi z ženskami, ki niso porabljene jogurt.
S skupno vnos jogurt, vnetje je bil skoraj popolnoma odpraviti. Dr. Hilton svetuje, da mora vsaka ženska, ki trpijo zaradi tega problema uporabite eno skodelico jogurt na dan.
Acidophilus, ki jih najdemo v mnogih jogurti uravnavajo floro in obravnava vnetje. Jogurt doma lahko naredite, če uporabljate acidophilus kultur, ki se lahko odkupuje veliko zdravje živilskih trgih. Če ga ne morete sami z združljiv jogurt v trgovini.

Presna gibanica

Prekmurska, presna, prekrasna, skoraj tudi predobra… Predstavlja zdravju prijaznejšo verzijo znamenite slovenske sladice – poleg tega, da je lažje prebavljiva, tudi njena priprava ni tako zamudna.

Za spodnjo plast potrebujemo:


Mandlje in orehe drobno zmeljemo v multipraktiku in dodajamo datlje, da se testo sprime. Lažje bo šlo, če dodamo še žličko vode. Maso prihranimo za kasneje.


Za makovo plast potrebujemo:

  • 150 g maka
  • 50 g namočenih datljev
  • 3 žlice limoninega soka


Mak zmeljemo v multipraktiku ali mešalniku (blenderju ), nato dodamo namočene datlje in limonin sok, da dobimo gosto zmes. Postavimo na stran.

Za orehovo plast potrebujemo:

  • 200 g orehov
  • 100 g namočenih datljev


Orehe drobno zmeljemo v multipraktiku ali mešalniku (blenderju), nato dodamo namočene datlje in zmešamo v homogeno mazljivo zmes (po potrebi dodajamo vodo). Postavimo na stran.

Za skutino plast potrebujemo:

  • 200 g indijskih oreščkov ali makadamije
  • 5 žlic limoninega soka
  • ščep soli


Oreščke namočimo za nekaj ur, nato jih odcejene dobro zmeljemo v multipraktiku ali blenderju skupaj z limoninim sokom in ščepcem soli. Postavimo na stran.

Za jabolčno plast potrebujemo:

  • 4 večja jabolka
  • žlica limoninega soka


Jabolka naribamo(lupljenje ni potrebno). Dodamo limonin sok, da ne porjavijo in z rokami iz njih iztisnemo sok. Naribana jabolka postavimo na stran.

Končna priprava:

Gibanico lahko pripravimo kar z rokami, ali pa plasti nadevamo v poljuben pekač. V zadnjem primeru ga obložimo s plastično folijo, da bomo sladico lažje dobili ven.

Najprej pripravimo spodnjo plast tako, da maso s prsti razgrnemo v kvadrat debeline približno pol centimetra.

Nato nadevamo plasti – bodimo pozorni, da najprej porabimo le polovico od vsakega nadeva! Začnemo s polovico makove plasti, nato sledi polovica skutine plasti, polovica orehove plasti in polovica naribanih jabolk. Postopek se še enkrat ponovi (brez spodnje plasti), zaključimo z jabolki.

Gibanica je najboljša, če jo nekaj časa pustimo, da se okusi prepojijo, odlična pa je tudi takoj. Ker je zelo nasitna, jo narežemo na manjše koščke, kot smo morda vajeni. Pa dober tek!

Za vas kuha: Vida Žontar

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Kostanjev mousse s kakijevo kremo

Odlična sladica , ki prav vsakomur pričara sladkobne užitke. Za kostanjevo kremo potrebujemo: 500 g kostanja 40 g mandljev 20 g lešnikov 50 g kokosovih ostružkov 2 …

Topla čokoladno jabolčna torta

Ta to sladico ni bojazni, da bi se kadarkoli ohladila, saj je preveč okusna. Potrebujemo: 6-8 večjih jabolk (Idared) 1 skodelico (300 ml) pšeničnega zdroba …

Zelena skrivnost

Zelena krema nas popelje v skrivnostna občutja in daljna sanjska potovanja, ki so sladka, kljub temu, da sladica ne vsebuje niti grama sladkorja!

Pozitivne vibracije

Pred časom sem prebrala zanimiv članek neke vzgojiteljice o tem, zakaj otroci zbolijo. Pravi, da je vse, kar se manifestira na fizični ravni posledica energijskega neravnovesja. …

Mini orehove pite s čokoladno-orehovim prelivom in marcipanom

Recept je povsem preprost, pite pa božanske. Recept zadošča za eno pito premera 25 cm (navaden pekač za pito) ali za šest majhnih pit (premer modelčka: 10 cm) , kakršne …


1. Ingredients:
1 banana
1 orange
2 tbsp almonds, crushed
2 tbsp flax seeds, grounded
2 fresh or dried figs
1/3 cup water
Juice the orange and blend it together with the rest of the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Always drink it fresh.
Note: If you are using dried figs, soak them in water for half an hour before using them.
2. Ingredients:
1 cup raspberries
1 apple
1 banana
1/2 lemon
1 tbsp flax seeds, grounded
Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Drink it fresh.
Note: If you are using organic apples, do not peel them.
3. Ingredients:
2 kiwi fruits
1 banana
1/2 apple
1 orange
1 tbsp flax seeds, grounded
1 tbsp hazelnuts, grounded

1. sestavine:
1 banana
1 pomaranča
2 žlici mandljev, zdrobljeni
2 žlici lanenega semena, ozemljeno
2 sveže ali suhe fige
1/3 skodelice vode
Sok oranžna in mešanica skupaj z ostalimi sestavinami, dokler gladko in kremasto. Vedno piti sveže.
Opomba: Če uporabljate posušene fige, jih namakate v vodi za pol ure pred njihovo uporabo.
2. sestavine:
1 skodelico malin
1 jabolko
1 banana
1/2 limone
1 žlica lanenega semena, ozemljeno
Mešanica vseh sestavin, dokler gladko. Piti sveže.
Opomba: Če uporabljate eko-jabolka, ne olupimo.
3. sestavine:
2 sadežih kivija
1 banana
1/2 apple
1 pomaranča
1 žlica lanenega semena, ozemljeno

Milk Does Not Do A Body Good – Massive New Study Says


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Milk seems to be making its way through various stages of truth, especially within the past couple of years. Like many other examples, what we once thought to be healthy for us to consume is turning out to be the exact opposite.

A large study coming from researchers at the Uppsala University in Sweden found that drinking milk led to an increased mortality rate and actually made bones more prone to fracturing, not less.(1)

The study was recently published in the peer reviewed British Medical Journal, and was specifically conducted to examine whether high milk consumption is associated with mortality and fractures in both men and women.

The study took place across three different counties in Sweden, and used data from two large Swedish cohorts, one with 61,433 women aged approximately 39-74 years old and one with 45, 339 men aged approximately 45-79 years old. They were all administered food frequency questionnaires. The study used “multivariable survival models” that were “applied to determine the association between milk consumption and time to mortality and fracture.

The results were as follows:

“During a mean follow-up of 20.1 years, 15 541 women died and 17 252 had a fracture, of whom 4259 had a hip fracture. In the male cohort with a mean follow-up of 11.2 years, 10 112 men died and 5066 had a fracture, with 1166 hip fracture cases. In women the adjusted mortality hazard ratio for three or more glasses of milk a day compared with less than one glass a day was 1.93 (95% confidence interval 1.80 to 2.06). For every glass of milk, the adjusted hazard ratio of all cause mortality was 1.15 (1.13 to 1.17) in women and 1.03 (1.01 to 1.04) in men. For every glass of milk in women no reduction was observed in fracture risk with higher milk consumption for any fracture (1.02, 1.00 to 1.04) or for hip fracture (1.09, 1.05 to 1.13). The corresponding adjusted hazard ratios in men were 1.01 (0.99 to 1.03) and 1.03 (0.99 to 1.07). In subsamples of two additional cohorts, one in males and one in females, a positive association was seen between milk intake and both urine 8-iso-PGF2α (a biomarker of oxidative stress) and serum interleukin 6 (a main inflammatory biomarker).” (1)

The study concluded  that high milk intake was associated with higher mortality in one cohort of women and in another cohort of men, and with higher fracture incidence in women. It also concluded:

“Given the observational study designs with the inherent possibility of residual confounding and reverse causation phenomena, a cautious interpretation of the results is recommended.”(1)

This Is Not The Only Study That Suggests Milk Is Not Good For Our Body

In a paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, Harvard pediatrician David Ludwig emphasizes that bone fracture rates tend to be lower in countries that do not consume milk. compared to those that do, also noting that there are many other sources of calcium. (source)

Another study published in the American Journal of Public Health showed that dairy consumption might actually increase the risk of fractures by 50 percent. (2)

Studies have also shown that calcium isn’t as bone protective as we thought. Multiple studies on calcium supplementation have shown no benefit in reducing bone fracture risk. In fact, vitamin D appears to be more effective when it comes to reducing bone fracture risk. (3)

Studies have also shown that dairy products might increase a males risk of developing prostate cancer by 30 -50 percent. (4)

The list literally goes on and on.

It’s also interesting to note that approximately 65 to 75 percent of the total human population on our planet have a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy. (5)(6)  In some countries, over 90 percent of the adult population is lactose intolerant, think about that for a moment.

Lactose intolerance is an impaired ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Lactose is normally broken down by an enzyme called lactase, which is produced by cells in the lining of the small intestine.

Keep in mind that the milk we have so much trouble digesting after infancy is cows milk, not our mother’s natural breast milk.  In fact, we are the only species on Earth that consumes the milk of another animal.

Since lactase’s only function is the digestion of lactose in milk, most mammal species experience a dramatic reduction in the activity of the enzyme after weaning. Lactase persistence in humans has evolved as an adaptation to the consumption of non-human milk and dairy products consumed beyond infancy. Our diet has changed a lot, and as a result some of our genes have adapted, but it’s not an easy process. This is why most humans are lactose intolerant.

Every other species weans and then never drinks milk again for the rest of their lives, and because of that they don’t have an enzyme to break down the sugar in milk. But during human evolution, some humans experienced a mutation in the LTC gene, the lactase gene, these mutations allow us to process lactose as adults. With approximately 65- 75 percent percent of humans on the planet unable to properly process it, it is evidence enough that we are not doing what is natural and in accordance with our bodies.

Below is a video of Katherine S. Pollard, a PhD at the University of California, San Francisco going into more detail from the above paragraph.

Milk/Dairy Is Not The Only Source of Calcium

This list is extremely long, here is a very small list of non dairy/vegan sources of calcium, many of them out there provide a healthier source and even more of it. It’s important to do your research, there are so many foods out there that contain a healthy and abundant source of calcium.

  • Kale: One cup of raw kale is loaded with calcium, approximately 90 mg to be exact. This means that a 3.5 cup of kale salad provides more calcium than a one cup class of milk
  • Oranges: One Naval Orange contains approximately 60 mg of calcium
  • Beans
  • Green Peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Quinoa
  • Seeds
  • Hemp


(1) http://www.bmj.com/content/349/bmj.g6015

(2)  Feskanich D, Willett WC, Stampfer MJ, Colditz GA. Milk, dietary calcium, and bone fractures in women: a 12-year prospective study. Am J Public Health. 1997 Jun;87(6):992-7.

(3) Feskanich D, Willett WC, Colditz GA. Calcium, vitamin D, milk consumption, and hip fractures: a prospective study among postmenopausal women. Am J Clin Nutr. 2003 Feb;77(2):504-11.

(4) Tseng M, Breslow RA, Graubard BI, Ziegler RG. Dairy, calcium, and vitamin D intakes and prostate cancer risk in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Epidemiologic Follow-up Study cohort. Am J Clin Nutr. 2005 May;81(5):1147-54.

(5) http://consensus.nih.gov/2010/images/lactose/lactose_finalstatement.pdf

(6) http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/lactose-intolerance

Balm that Cures Almost all Diseases

You can use the balm to treat bronchitis, swellings, sores, cracked skin on the hands and feet, inflammation of the ovaries, burns as well. Certainly, you should be aware that the balm is harmless and that it cannot harm you.

Balm that Cures Almost all Diseases
The cream is easy to prepare, and also useful for treating various diseases.

In order to prepare the balm you need:
1 egg (boiled, because you only need the egg yolk which needs to be crushed)
1 3/4 cup of vegetable oil (olive or other oil that you have)
1/2 cup of beeswax


Put oil in a pot and dissolve a piece of wax in it on low heat. When you hear crackling, add the egg yolk in the oil with the wax. It will start to foam and therefore, you should be ready to remove the pot from the heat quickly.

When the oil calms down, put it back on the heat and add the rest of the yolk by stirring constantly. The mixture should change the color and become dark brown. Then remove it from the heat and let it sit for 20 minutes. Strain it through gauze and throw away the yolk crumbs. When the mixture is cooled, put it in a jar, and it can stay in the refrigerator for up to ten months.

When you use it for sinus infection, you should melt it and put drops into the nose, and it will effectively break through the sinuses and pull the manure with itself. If you have problems with bronchitis or ulcers, you should take half a tablespoon of the balm, three times a day before each meal.

In case of burns, toothache or wounds, you should apply it on the sore spot. You can use it to strengthen your nails and to treat hemorrhoids. You should know that the wax you use has to be natural.

You Throw Away Egg Shells? After Reading This Article You Will Never Do That Again! Prevod v SLO z Bing-om, spodaj angleški original

Jo mečejo jajčne lupine? Po branju tega članka vam bo nikoli storil še enkrat!
lupine je naravni vir mineralov in vsebuje 90 % kalcija. Kalcij z lahkoto absorbira našega telesa zato, ker njegova kemična sestava je skoraj enaka človeški zob in kosti.
Če se uporabljajo v večjih količinah, kalcij bo ne le znebiti pomanjkanje kalcija-simptomi, vendar bo tudi preprečevanje osteoporoze ‘, spodbujanje ozke v krvnih celic, ki proizvajajo kosti in pomoč, ko gre za zdravljenje visoke ravni holesterola in visokega krvnega tlaka.
Jajčni lupini vsebuje tudi železa, cinka, bakra, mangana, fluor, fosfor, krom in molibden. Zato, mnogi strokovnjaki priporočajo shell jajca kot dodatek kalcija naravne in zelo učinkovito.
Priporočljivo je 1,5 do 3 g zdrobljenih lupin na dan.
Tukaj je nekaj idej o kako uporabljati jajčni lupini in njihovi uporabi, za:
1. krepitev organizma in čiščenje krvi
Pranje 5 jajčne lupine, jih dobro zdrobimo in jih v 3 litre vode. To zmes hranite v hladilniku za 7 dni pred uporabo kot pitne vode. Pijemo dve do tri kozarce te mešanice na dan. Če želite, lahko dodamo limonin sok.
2. ščitnica
Traja 8 jajčne lupine, dobro operemo in jih zdrobimo še boljše. Zdrobljene jajčne lupine prelijemo sok 2 limon in pustimo v hladilniku nekaj dni. Ko bo zmehčala shell, sev tekočino in jo zmešamo z 1 liter rakia in 1 kg medu. Naj to mešanico stati še za 7 dni pred uporabo. Porabijo eno čajno žličko dvakrat do štirikrat na dan po jedi.
3. gastritis, razjede
Zdrobimo nekaj jajčne lupine. Izbrali nekaj uporabo tip nož. Ta znesek jajčne lupine bo dovolj za zdravljenje teh bolezni. Zdrobljene jajčne lupine zmešamo z 2 žlici limoninega soka. Ko bo zmehčala lupine, dodamo eno Decilitra vroče mleko. Porabijo Ta mešanica 2-krat na dan-na prazen želodec zjutraj in pred spanjem zvečer.
-Oglejte si več na: http://www.naturalhealthcareforyou.com/you-throw-away-egg-shells-after-reading-this-article-you-will-never-do-that-again/#sthash.Smw6szVv.dpuf


Egg’s shell is natural source of minerals and contains 90% calcium. Calcium is easily absorbed by our body because its chemical composition is almost identical to human’s teeth and bones.

If consumed in larger amounts, calcium will not only get rid of lack of calcium-symptoms, but it will also prevent osteoporosis’ development, stimulate the bone narrow in producing blood cells and help when it comes to treating high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Egg shell also contains iron, zinc, copper, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus, chromium and molybdenum. Therefore, many experts recommend shell eggs as a natural and very effective calcium supplement.

It is recommended to enter 1.5 to 3 grams of crushed shells a day.

Here are several ideas on how to use egg shell and what to use them for:

1. Strengthening the organism and cleansing the blood

Wash 5 egg shells, crush them good and put them in 3 liters of water. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for 7 days before using it as a drinking water. Drink two to three glasses of this mixture a day. You can add lemon juice if you want to.

2. Thyroid gland

Take 8 egg shells, wash them good and crush them even better. Pour juice of 2 lemons over the crushed egg shells and leave in refrigerator for several days. When shell will soften, strain the liquid and mix it with 1 liter of rakia and 1 kg of honey. Let this mixture stand still for 7 days before using it. Consume one teaspoon two to four times per day after meals.

3. Gastritis, ulcer

Crush some egg shells. Pick some using the tip of the knife. This amount of egg shells will be enough for treating these diseases. Mix the crushed egg shells with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. When shells will soften, add one deciliter of hot milk. Consume this mixture 2 times a day – on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime in the evening.

– See more at: http://www.naturalhealthcareforyou.com/you-throw-away-egg-shells-after-reading-this-article-you-will-never-do-that-again/#sthash.Smw6szVv.dpuf

Za kaj vse so dobre posušene kamilice?

Redno uživanje kamiličnega čaja lahko prepreči raka, vendar pa lahko iz posušenih kamilic ustvarite tudi druge stvari in pripravke, s katerimi si lajšate bolečine, prebavne motnje, nespečnost, glavobol, astmo, pomirite razdraženo kožo in anksioznost.

Kamilica je že stoletja ena najpriljubljenejših in najpogosteje uporabljenih zdravilnih rastlin, katere zdravilne učinke so poznali že Grki in stari Rimljani. Kamilični čaj slovi po številnih zdravilnih lastnostih, zato se ga široko uporablja tudi pri prehladih, kašlju, žolčnih kamnih, menstrualnih težavah in napihnjenosti. Poleg čaja pa je možno iz posušenih kamilic, ki jih lahko nabiramo tudi v avgustu, pripraviti tudi druge priročne stvari.

posušene kamilice

Oljni izvlečki

Maščobni izvlečki kamilice pomagajo pri različnih vnetjih, kožnih alergijah, suhi, luskasti koži in atopijskem dermatitisu, uporabni so tudi za lajšanje revmatičnih bolečin in utrujenih udov, saj na kožo delujejo pomirjujoče. Z njimi si lahko med drugim odišavite prostor ali obogatite kopel; primerni pa so tako za zdravilne kot kozmetične namene. Za izdelavo olja uporabite zdrobljene posušene cvetove, ki jih natlačite v kozarec s širokim grlom, nato pa zalijte s kakovostnim rastlinskim oljem (na primer oljčno, sončnično, mandljevo). Olje se mora enakomerno razdeliti med ves rastlinski material. Kozarec nato zaprite in za 40 dni postavite v temen in hladen prostor, občasno, najbolje pa kar vsak dan kozarec tudi pretresite, tako da zdrobljeni cvetovi ostanejo povsem enakomerno prekriti z oljem. Po pretečenem času pripravek precedite, namočene dele rastlin dobro ožemite, da iztisnete vso olje.


Poleg oljnih izvlečkov in čaja si lahko iz kamilice kreirate tudi vzglavnik, ki vas bo ponoči prijetno zazibal v sen. Vzglavnik za spanje, napolnjen s posušenimi cvetovi kamilic in drugih zdravilnih rastlin, bo zaradi pomirjujočega vonja na zdrav način poskrbel, da bo spanje mnogo prijetnejše. Dobro posušene cvetove kamilice, pa tudi sivke, hmelja, vrtnice, rožmarina ali pelina preprosto stlačite v bombažno blazino in se poslovite od neprespanih noči.


Če namočite krpo v oljni izvleček kamilice ali pa uporabite kar cele cvetove, jih lahko položite na prizadete dele kože, saj je kamilica koristna tudi za celjenje manjših ran in razdražene kože. Obkladek bo deloval antiseptično oziroma protivnetno, zato ga zlahka položite celo na trebuh, da si olajšate menstrualne tegobe.

This Little Known Chinese Herb Kills 12,000 Cancer Cells For Every Healthy Cell pod prevodom v slovenščino z BINGOM, je angleški original

Ta malo znana rastlina Kitajski ubija 12.000 rakave celice za vsakega zdravih celic
Danes, odds so, da so/ste raka, ali nekdo, ki ni vedel. V Kanadi, približno milijon Kanadčani, ki so bili živi v začetku leta 2009 so imeli raka diagnozo v zadnjih desetih letih. Dva od vsakih pet Kanadčani bo razvoj raka v svojem življenju čas, in eno na vsakih štiri bo umrl. (3) v Združenih državah, ena vsak dva moška in ena od kdaj treh žensk bo okužil z rakom.
Te stopnje so še naprej Poleteti uvis ker smo začeli snemanje njih in več ljudi so začeli postavljati vprašanja in opazovanje okolja, smo se odločili, da sami s surround na dnevni osnovi.
Kljub omenjenim statistikam, nove raziskave nastaja vsak dan, ki postavlja pod vprašaj v samo dveh Rab za raka, ki so sevanja in kemoterapije. Zdi se, da se približujemo času kjer je medicinska skupnost bo prisiljen odpirajo nove možnosti, ko gre za zdravljenje raka. Konec koncev, znanstveniki so odkrili, da rast raka kemoterapijo goriv in ubija, bolniku bolj hitro, vendar nič spremenilo, obe sta zelo strupen za človeško telo.
Malo znani kitajski zeliščni morda upravičeni do vedno seznam raka killers preko alternativne metode zdravljenja. Glede na študije, objavljene v ivljenju, črke rak in raku, artemesinin, derivat pelin rastlin, običajno uporabljajo v kitajski medicini, lahko ubije off rakave celice, in to v višini 12.000 rakave celice za vsakega zdravih celic. (0)
Spojina, ki uporablja raka celic apetit za železo, da jih ciljna sintetizira Henry Lai in njegova ekipa raziskovalcev iz Univerze v Washingtonu. Velika stvar o artemisininu je, da sam to lahko selektivno uničevanje rakavih celic, medtem ko zapušča normalnih celic Neozleđen.
“Sama po sebi artemisininu je približno 100-krat bolj selektivni pri uničevanju rakavih celic razliko od normalnih celic. Artemisininu je 34.000 krat močnejši pri uničevanju rakavih celic v nasprotju z njihovo normalno bratranci. Tako je postopek označevanja preprost se zdi, da imajo močno povečalo jakost na artemisininu raka-ubijanje lastnosti.”-Henry Lai
Kljub spojina bitje odobren Holley Pharmaceuticals, je še, da se uporablja za zdravljenje raka pri ljudeh.
“Mi call it a trojanski konj ker rakave celice prepozna transferina kot naravne, neškodljive beljakovin. Tako celico dvigne spojina ne vedo, da je bomba (artemisininu) skriven notri.”-Henry Lai
Ekstrakt pelina uporabljal več stoletij nazaj na Kitajskem v zdravilne namene. Zdravljenje sčasoma postala izgubljen in je zdaj odkrili zahvaljujoč antične rokopis, ki vsebujejo medicinska sredstev. To ubija 12.000 rakave celice za vsakega zdravih celic, kar pomeni, da bi preoblikovali drog z minimalnimi stranskimi učinki.
“Spojina je trenutno bitje odobren z Univerze v Washingtonu Artemisia biomedicinske Inc, podjetje, ki Lai, Sasaki in Narendra Singh, UW izredni profesor biotehnika, ustanovljena v Newcastle, Washington za razvoj in trženje. Človeških poskusov so vsaj nekaj let proč. Artemisininu je na voljo, je dejal Sasaki, in upa, da njihove spojine lahko sčasoma poceni izdelano za pomoč pri bolnikih z rakom v državah v razvoju.” (0)
Povzetki, ki se glasi:
“Artemisininu reagira z železom v obliki prostih radikalov, ki ubijajo celice. Ker rakave celice privzem relativno večje količine železa kot normalne celice, so bolj dovzetni za toksičnega učinka artemisininu. V predhodnih raziskav, smo pokazali, da artemisininu bolj posvetiti rakave celice kot normalne celice. V te raziskave, smo kovalentno priloženo artemisininu železa carying plazemski glikoprotein transferina. Transferin prevažali v celice preko receptorsko posredovano in rakave celice express bistveno več transferina receptorjev na površini celice in endocytose več transferina od normalnih celic. Tako smo hipotezo, da z označevanjem artemisininu na transferin, železa in artemisininu bi prevažati v rakave celice v enem paketu. Ko znotraj celice, železo se sprosti in lahko takoj reagira z artemisininu blizu označena na transferin. To bi okrepilo toksičnosti in selektivnost artemisininu do rakavih celic. Ugotovila da holotransferrin tagged artemisininu, v primerjavi z artemisininu, je bil zelo močan in selektiven pri uničevanju rakavih celic. Torej, ta “tagged-spojina” bi potencialno se razviti v učinkovito kemoterapevtiki agent za zdravljenje raka.” (1)
Še en abstraktni se glasi:
“Naši rezultati dokaže, da artemisininu motnje E2F1 transkripcijski faktor izražanja posreduje celičnega ciklusa aretacijo materino rakave celice in predstavlja kritično transkripcijski pa


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Today, odds are that you have had/have cancer, or know somebody who does. In Canada, approximately one million Canadians that were alive at the beginning of 2009 have had a cancer diagnosis in the previous 10 years. Two out of every five Canadians will develop cancer within their life time, and one in every four will die.(3) In the United States, one out of every two men, and one out of ever three women will become infected with cancer.

These rates have continued to skyrocket since we started recording them and more people are starting to ask questions and observe the environment we choose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

Despite these statistics, new research is emerging everyday that puts into question the only two approved treatments for cancer, which are radiation and chemotherapy. It seems we are approaching a time where the medical community will be forced to open up to new options when it comes to cancer treatment. After all, scientists have discovered that chemotherapy fuels cancer growth and kills the patient more quickly, yet nothing has been changed, both are extremely toxic to the human body.

A little known Chinese herb might be eligible for the growing list of cancer killers via alternative methods of treatment. According to  studies published  in Life Sciences, Cancer Letters and Anticancer Drugs, artemesinin, a derivative of the wormwood plant commonly used in Chinese medicine, can kill off  cancer cells, and do it at a rate of 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell. (0)

Henry Lai and his team of researchers from the University of Washington synthesized the compound, which uses a cancer cells appetite for iron to make them the target. The great thing about artemisinin is that alone it can selectively kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.

“By itself, artemisinin is about 100 times more selective in killing cancer cells as opposed to normal cells. Artemisinin is 34,000 times more potent in killing the cancer cells as opposed to their normal cousins. So the tagging process appears to have greatly increased the potency of artemisinin’s cancer-killing properties.” – Henry Lai

Despite the compound being licensed to Holley Pharmaceuticals, it has yet to be used for cancer treatment in humans.

We call it a Trojan horse because the cancer cell recognizes transferrin as a natural, harmless protein. So the cell picks up the compound without knowing that a bomb (artemisinin) is hidden inside.”  – Henry Lai

The wormwood extract was used many centuries ago in China for healing purposes. The treatment became lost over time and has now been rediscovered thanks to an ancient manuscript containing medical remedies. It kills 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell, which means it could be turned into a drug with minimal side effects.

“The compound is currently being licensed by the University of Washington to Artemisia Biomedical Inc., a company that Lai, Sasaki and Narendra Singh, UW associate professor of bioengineering, founded in Newcastle, Washington for development and commercialization. Human trials are at least several years away. Artemisinin is readily available, Sasaki said, and he hopes their compound can eventually be cheaply manufactured to help cancer patients in developing countries.” (0)

The abstracts read:

“Artemisinin reacts with iron to form free radicals that kill cells. Since cancer cells uptake relatively larger amounts of iron than normal cells, they are more susceptible to the toxic effect of artemisinin. In previous research, we have shown that artemisinin is more drawn to cancer cells than to normal cells. In the present research, we covalently attached artemisinin to the iron-carying plasma glycoprotein transferrin.Transferrin is transported into the cells via receptor-mediated endocytosis and cancer cells express significantly more transferrin receptors on their cell surface and endocytose more transferrin than normal cells. Thus, we hypothesize that by tagging artemisinin to transferrin, both iron and artemisinin would be transported into cancer cells in one package. Once inside a cell, iron is released and can readily react with artemisinin close by tagged to the transferrin. This would enhance the toxicity and selectivity of artemisinin towards cancer cells. We found that holotransferrin-tagged artemisinin, when compared with artemisinin, was very potent and selective in killing cancer cells. Thus, this ‘tagged-compound’ could potentially be developed into an effective chemotherapeutic agent for cancer treatment.” (1)

Another abstract reads:

“Our results demonstrate that the artemisinin disruption of E2F1 transcription factor expression mediates the cell cycle arrest of human breast cancer cells and represents a critical transcriptional pathway by which artemisinin controls human reproductive cancer cell growth.” (2)

Artemisinin is currently FDA approved for the treatment of malaria, it’s very safe and easy to use. It’s inexpensive and works on all cancers but has yet to find it’s way into the mainstream. It’s really time to move beyond just radiation, surgery and chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer.



1) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15642597




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