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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): Tap Into Empowerment

By  Polly  Anne Rice

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

Every individual is unique and the variations in their lives and life choices are physical manifestations of the distinctive energy, essence, and disposition they possess.   When an individual is searching for mental and emotional healing modalities, there is a need for therapy that is personal, effective, cost efficient, and uplifting so the person can move forward with their life in a positive way; emotional freedom techniques (EFT) surpass those expectations.

What Is EFT?

EFT is rooted in energy psychology, applying Ancient Chinese medicine theology, which focuses on the body’s energy grid.   The energy grid utilizes pathways and nodal points through which your chi, or life force, flows.   This theory states a traumatic event, negative psychological conditioning, or other experiences can cause a disruption in your energy flow through a blockage or imbalance, prohibiting the proper flow of chi; when your chi is imbalanced or blocked, mental and emotional illnesses, disorders, and issues will arise.

Gary Craig, the founder of the EFT technique, discovered by employing these medicinal philosophies, you would be able to tap specific  acupressure points, the meridian or nodal points on the body’s energy grid, releasing the blockage and bringing your body’s energy flow back into a state of homeostasis.

However, EFT doesn’t just make use of acupressure point stimulation; this technique incorporates other psychotherapies already being used in conventional cognitive behavioral therapies, such as relaxation and memory recall, causing a long term cognitive restructuring within the brain.

When your brain reconstructs its cognitive processes, you no longer process thoughts or emotions the way you did before, meaning you can nullify the negative feelings or reactions you currently have, or have had for years, resulting in a neutral reaction to the same memory or situation when successfully employing EFT.

What The Research Says

EFT has proven to be a useful technique for a wide variety of disorders or illnesses; in various studies, EFT has successfully treated anxiety disorders, depression, hostility, aggression, posttraumatic stress disorder, addictions, phobias, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, panic, attention deficit disorder, hypertension, social anxiety, career issues, and somatoform disorders.   EFT also has improved colds, headaches, joint pains, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, rashes, lower cortisol levels, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia.   Let’s take a look at some of these studies and experiments a little closer.

In a case study cited by Feinstein (2010), a 52 year old woman with stage IV breast cancer decided against conventional medicine interventions and instead used EFT on numerous personal issues that surfaced after she was diagnosed.   The patient received six clinical EFT tapping sessions, lasting 60 to 90 minutes in length, then continued to use the methods daily until a follow up examination eight months after the diagnosis; the appointment revealed no trace of cancer, but some scar tissue where the cancer had been (Feinstein et al., 2010).

Stapleton, Sheldon, Porter, and Whitty (2011) conducted a randomized clinical trial on the effects EFT exerted over food cravings, the perceived power of food, psychological symptoms, and will power of 96 overweight and obese adults.   When the researchers initially retested the participants, immediately after receiving their EFT treatment, the participants had significant reductions in food cravings, food wielded less power over the participants, and will power was improved.   The improvements in cravings and the power of food were maintained at the six month follow-up.

Another randomized controlled study performed by Church, Brooks, and DeAsis (2012) with 30 first-year psychology students scoring in the moderate to severely depressed ranges on the Beck Depression Inventory.   The participants in the experimental group received four EFT sessions of 90 minutes; the treatment proved to be both clinically and statistically significant, as the average post treatment depression score of the EFT condition group resulted in not depressed.

In a controlled pilot study by Benor, Ledger, Toussaint, and Hett (2009) with Canadian college students with severe to moderate test anxiety, EFT accomplished benefits equal to that of five cognitive behavioral therapy sessions.

Click here for images of brain scans from an experiment by Andrade and Feinstein (2004) using EFT treatments for participants with  generalized anxiety disorder (GAD); these scans show the average brain scan procession over a course of four weeks with twelve sessions of EFT.   The first scan is what an ideal brain scan looks like and the second scan is the average scan of the participants with (GAD) before they began EFT sessions; the brain scans progress toward their natural or ideal homeostasis state through EFT, reducing dysfunctional brain wave frequencies.

This study contrasted EFT with cognitive behavioral therapy, combined with medication when necessary, as a control mechanism.   The EFT participants were more likely to maintain their new functional brain wave patterns compared to the cognitive behavioral group.   Moreover, Andrade and Feinstein (2004) noted people treated with antianxiety medications did reduce their anxiety symptoms, but their brain scans maintained brain wave frequency dysfunction, implying the medication acts as a cosmetic layer without actually addressing the real issue(s).

How It Works

The research shows you the beginnings of the wide applications for EFT, but I want to explain to you why and how it works because there are several stratums to consider.   The first level we will consider is the electroconductivity of the human body, then epigenetics, and finally the cognitive restructuring process.

Your body is a beautiful and amazing transmitter and receiver of energy as represented by its electromagnetic field.   The human body produces electromagnetic fields with cells and tissues that can be measured on the skin, while all of our organs produce biomagnetic energy.

Within these energy fields, diseases and disturbances can often be measured before their physical symptoms can be detected.    EFT literally taps into these specific energy fields to redirect their flow in a proper, balanced manner, alleviating electromagnetic and biomagnetic fields of disturbances and blocks.

Epigenetics is a subfield of genetic research, exposing an inherent variability within genetic expression previously thought impossible.   Your DNA does not actually come with a concrete, inflexible blueprint dictating your every thought, action, and countenance; conversely, it is a vast set of probabilities, combining information from your default genetic expression, your thoughts, your beliefs, your behaviors, and your environmental and biochemical influences.

All of these inputs interact on the cellular level, communicating with the entirety of your body about the information received,responding by activating or deactivating the potentials within your unique genetic expression.   This is why over time identical twins, people born with duplicate DNA, begin to look different; each individual has their own experiences, psychology, and environmental exposures offering an alternative expression of active and inactive genetic potentials.

As epigenetics proves genetic and cellular expression is affected by conscious thought and behavioral inputs, EFT offers somatic and cognitive inputs that activate positive, balanced potentials, while deactivating genetic potentials expressing imbalance and harm.

Researchers and practitioners assert the physical activity with the activation of mental processes alters the targeted response because the stimulation of acupressure points transmits signals to the amygdala and related brain structures, reducing hyperarousal to the given stimulus or memory; the brain then reconsolidates the memory, cognition, feeling, or mental picture, while the newly reduced or absent hyperarousal is retained as the new reaction to the initial stimuli (Feinstein, 2008).

Ruden (2010) asserts EFT techniques focusing on stress-producing cues, such as fear or traumatic memories, depotentiate the neural pathways maintaining maladaptive conditioned responses; this means the EFT techniques recode the conditioned responses that produce ill effects with desired behaviors or feelings. This creates a cognitive restructuring of the brain, so old paradigms no longer regulate your responses.

The Process

There is a basic EFT procedure, consisting of tapping on each of eight energy meridian points while using an affirmation statement that coincides with a memory or a feeling. The procession of tapping can vary depending on the therapist or practitioner you are working with, as can the affirmation statements.

Some practitioners use the industry standard, “Even though I have (or feel) this fear of rejection, I deeply and profoundly accept myself,” while other practitioners prefer a stream of consciousness dialogue. With the latter method, you would tap as you say whatever comes to mind that you would like to work with, using a shorter phrase to repeat as you continue to tap on the proceeding points to reinforce the issue you are working on.

Even though the sequence of point tapping may vary, I am going to share with you what has worked for me, which also seems to be the most common. As you repeat your chosen phrase or issue, you tap on your karate chop point, or the side of your hand, followed by the inside of your eyebrows, then the side of your eyes, the bone under your eyes, under the nose, between your lower lip and chin, then your collarbone point, under the arm, and then the top of the head.   This would conclude one repetition.

You want to be sure not to tap too hard. You want to stimulate the meridians, but you do not want to cause bruising or pain. Look at the following chart for a visual representation of the proper tapping points.

Where Can I Learn It?

There are several ways to learn or administer EFT, such as with the help of a therapist or a certified EFT practitioner in both group and individual settings. If you are able, I suggest learning in a setting where you can have a certified EFT practitioner make sure you are accurately tapping your energy meridians. Because this method is so quick and easy to learn, you do not have to pour money into endless sessions with an EFT therapist. This is something you can do on your own, wherever and whenever you would like, empowering you in your health and healing.

There are also instructional DVDs you can use at home such as  The Tapping Solution and  Project Tapping: Tapping Into Abundance With Dr. Carol Look. These are great alternatives for those of you who live in areas where you do not have access to a certified EFT practitioner.

If you decide to learn or try EFT, I suggest staying well hydrated to increase your biological electroconductivity and to do one session right before you go to bed.   When you learn something new, or alter a pattern of thinking, and immediately go to sleep, you have several hours to integrate the new template in your brain without interruptions, resulting in a more effective and solidified change.

Spiritual & Personal Implications

By successfully implementing EFT into your daily routine, you empower yourself to take control over your emotions, thoughts, and how you choose to experience your life. Imagine eradicating irrational fears as they enter your consciousness or overcoming a traumatic event that has stifled some part of your life.

You no longer have to live captive to thought processes that do not serve your highest good or take medications that only serve as a temporary band aid while poisoning your system.   You would not have to try to suppress negative emotions or thoughts because as they enter your awareness, you can safely and painlessly extinguish them.

By bringing balance and inner peace to your life, you offer more balance and peace to the world.   Every energy field is interconnected, ebbing and flowing together to create an even larger field of energy.   By correcting your energy flow, you aid in balancing the whole.   You have the ability to heal yourself in many ways; EFT is quick, easy, cost effective, and encourages your unique zenith expression.


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**Disclaimer: Before engaging in any health program, it is best to contact a doctor or health provider you trust to make the best decision for your individual needs.**

About the Author

Polly Anna’s deepest passion since childhood has been helping humanity. She has embarked on a special spiritual and educational journey that has allowed her the ability to share her experiences, gain esoteric and scientific insight, and help others on their individual paths to personal growth and enlightenment.

She is educated in both the arts and sciences, graduating with honors with a bachelor’s of arts in theatre and entrepreneurship and she is about to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a master’s of science in psychology. She will then be working on her doctorate in psychology, consciousness, and cosmology. Beyond her education, she is a spiritual intuitive empath, and is gaining further credentials and certificates in neurolinguistic programming, spiritual guidance, transformative life coaching, and emotional freedom techniques (EFT). My background has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself, the human condition, and taught me how to conduct thorough research.

Polly feels there is nothing of greater importance than every individual on this beautiful planet realizing their authentic, intrinsic self and true worth. For more information on Polly Anna and her articles, check out her site  positive-pollyanna.com

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Wake Up World or its staff.


prevod z googlom


Vsak posameznik je edinstven in razlike v njihovih življenjih in življenjskih izbir so fizične manifestacije razlikovalni energije, Essence, in razpolaganja jih imajo. Ko se posameznik išče načine duševnih in čustvenih ran, obstaja potreba po terapiji, ki je oseben, učinkovit, stroškovno učinkovito in očarljiv, tako da lahko oseba premika naprej s svojim življenjem v pozitivnem smislu; čustvene tehnike svobode (EFT), presegla ta pričakovanja.

Kaj je EFT?

EFT je zakoreninjen v energetske psihologije, ki uporabljajo starodavno kitajsko teologijo medicine, ki se osredotoča na energetsko omrežje telesa. Energetsko omrežje izkorišča poti in vozlišča, skozi katere vaš chi ali življenjska sila, tokov. Ta teorija trdi, travmatični dogodek, negativne psihološke naprava, ali druge izkušnje, lahko povzroči motnje v vašem pretok energije skozi blokade ali neravnovesje, ki prepoveduje ustrezen pretok chi; ko je vaš chi neuravnotežena ali blokirana, se bodo pojavile duševne in čustvene bolezni, motnje in vprašanja.

Gary Craig, ustanovitelj EFT tehniko, z uporabo teh zdravil filozofije odkrili, bi morali biti sposobni izkoristiti posebne akupresurne točke, s poldnevnikom ali vozlišča na energetsko omrežje v telesu, sprošča blokade in prinaša pretok energije v vašem telesu nazaj v stanje homeostaze.

Vendar EFT ne samo izkoristiti točki stimulacije akupresurno; Ta tehnika vključuje druge Psihoterapije že uporabljajo v običajnih kognitivne vedenjske terapije, kot je sprostitev in pomnilniško odpoklic, ki povzroča dolgoročno kognitivno prestrukturiranje v možganih.

Ko se vaši možgani rekonstruira svoje kognitivne procese, ki jih obdeluje več ne misli ali čustva tako, kot si naredil prej, kar pomeni, da lahko izničili negativne občutke ali reakcije trenutno imate, ali so imeli za let, kar v nevtralni odziv na istem pomnilniku ali situacija, ko je uspešno zaposlujejo EFT.

Kaj Raziskave Says

EFT se je izkazalo, da je uporabna metoda za najrazličnejše motenj ali bolezni; V različnih študijah je EFT uspešno zdraviti motnje anksioznost, depresija, sovražnost, agresivnost, posttravmatska stresna motnja, odvisnosti, fobije, motnje hranjenja, obsesivno-kompulzivne motnje, panike, motnje pomanjkanja pozornosti, hipertenzija, socialna anksioznost, karierne vprašanjih in somatoformne motnje. EFT ima tudi izboljšane prehlad, glavobol, bolečine v sklepih, artritis, sindrom kronične utrujenosti, izpuščaje, nižjo raven kortizola, sindrom razdražljivega črevesja in fibromialgija. Oglejmo pogled na nekatere od teh študij in poskusov malo bližje.

V študiji primera, ki ga Feinstein (2010) citirani, 52-letna ženska z stage IV raka dojke odločil proti običajnih posegov medicine in namesto rabljene EFT na številnih osebnih vprašanj, ki so se pojavile po tem, ko je bila postavljena diagnoza. Bolnik je prejel šest klinični EFT prisluškovanje seje, ki traja od 60 do 90 minut v dolžino, nato pa nadaljevali z uporabo metod, vsak dan, dokler nadaljnji preučitvi osem mesecev po diagnozi; imenovanje ni pokazala nobenih sledi o raku, ampak nekaj brazgotin, kjer je bil rak (Feinstein et al., 2010).

Stapleton, Sheldon, Porter in Whitty (2011) so izvedli randomizirano klinično preskušanje o učinkih EFT pojavijo preko hrane hrepenenja, zaznano moč živil, psiholoških simptomov in bo močjo 96 čezmerno težkih in debelih odraslih. Ko so raziskovalci najprej ponovno preskusiti udeležence, takoj po prejemu njihovega zdravljenja EFT, so imeli udeleženci precejšnje zmanjšanje živilskih hrepenenj, hrana vihtel manj moči nad udeleženci, in se je izboljšalo volja moči. Izboljšave v hrepenenj in moč hrane so se ohranili na šestmesečnem spremljanja.

Druga randomizirana kontrolirana študija, ki ga cerkve, Brooks, in DeAsis (2012) izvedena s 30 v prvem letu študentje psihologije točkovanje v zmerno do hudo depresivnih območjih, na Beck Depression Inventory. Udeleženci eksperimentalne skupine prejela štiri EFT sej 90 minut; Zdravljenje je izkazalo, da je tako klinično in statistično pomembna, saj je povprečna depresije rezultat po zdravljenju pogoja skupine EFT za posledico ne depresiven.

V nadzorovanem pilotni študiji Benor, Ledger, Toussaint in Hett (2009) s kanadskimi študenti s hudo do zmerno testne anksioznosti, EFT dosegli koristi, ki je enako pet kognitivne vedenjske terapije.

Kliknite tukaj za slike možganov skandiranje iz eksperimenta, ki ga Andrade in Feinstein (2004), s pomočjo EFT tretmaji za udeležence z generalizirano anksiozno motnjo (GAD); ti skenira kažejo povprečno možgani skeniranja sprevod nad potekom štirih tednov z dvanajstih sejah EFT. Prvi skeniranja je tisto idealno skeniranje možganov Izgleda in drugi skeniranja je povprečna skeniranje udeležencev (GAD), preden se je začela EFT sej; možganov skandiranje napredujejo proti njihovem naravnem ali idealno homeostaze država preko EFT, zmanjšanje disfunkcionalnih frekvenc brain wave.

Ta študija je v nasprotju EFT s kognitivno vedenjsko terapijo, v kombinaciji z zdravili, če je to potrebno, kot nadzorni mehanizem. Udeleženci EFT so bolj verjetno, da ohranijo svoje nove vzorce funkcionalni možgani valov v primerjavi s kognitivno vedenjsko skupine. Poleg tega, Andrade in Feinstein (2004) je ugotovil, ljudi, zdravljenih z zdravili proti strahu je zmanjšati svoje anksiozne simptome, vendar pa njihovi možgani skenira nogah možgansko frekvenčno valovanje disfunkcije, kar pomeni dejanja zdravilih kot kozmetično plasti, ne da bi dejansko reševanje dejanski problem (e).

Kako deluje?

Raziskava prikazuje začetke široke vlog za EFT, ampak želim, da pojasni, da vas, zakaj in kako to deluje, ker obstaja več stratume, da razmisli. Prva raven bomo razmisliti je elektroprevodnost človeškega telesa, nato epigenetiko, in končno kognitivni proces prestrukturiranja.

Vaše telo je lepo in neverjetno sprejemnik in oddajnik energije, kot ga je elektromagnetno polje zastopana. Človeško telo proizvaja elektromagnetna polja s celic in tkiv, ki se lahko merijo na kožo, medtem ko vsi naši organov proizvodnjo biomagnetne energije.

Znotraj teh energijskih polj, lahko bolezni in motnje pogosto meriti, preden se lahko odkrijejo njihovi fizični simptomi. EFT dobesedno pipe v teh posebnih energijskih polj preusmerili njihov pretok na ustrezen in uravnotežen način, lajšanje elektromagnetnih in biomagnetne področja motenj in bloki.

Epigenetiko je podpolje genetskih raziskav, izpostavljanju naravno variabilnost znotraj genske ekspresije prej zdelo nemogoče. Vaš DNK dejansko ne prihajajo z betonom, neprilagodljiv blueprint narekuje vaša vsaka misel, akcija, in obraz; nasprotno, to je velika množica verjetnosti, ki združuje podatke iz vašega privzetega genskega izražanja, svoje misli, svoje prepričanje, vaše vedenje, in vaše okolje in biokemijskih vplivov.

Vsi ti vložki vplivajo na celičnem nivoju, komuniciranje s celoto vašega telesa o prejetih informacij odziva z aktiviranjem ali deaktiviranje potenciale znotraj vašega edinstvenega genskega izražanja. To je razlog, zakaj se sčasoma identična dvojčka, ljudje, rojeni s podvojenimi DNK, začeli iskati drugačen; vsak posameznik ima svoje izkušnje, psihologije in okoljske izpostavljenosti ponujajo alternativni izraz aktivnih in neaktivnih genetskih potencialov.

Kot epigenetiko dokazuje genski in celični izraz vpliva zavestne misli in vedenjskih vložkov, EFT ponuja somatskih in kognitivnih vložkov, ki aktivirajo pozitivne, uravnoteženih potenciale, medtem ko izključitev genetskih potencialov izražajo neravnovesje in škodo.

Raziskovalci in praktiki trdijo, telesna dejavnost, z aktiviranjem miselnih procesov spremeni ciljno odziv, saj stimulacija akupresurnih točk prenaša signale amigdala in s tem povezane možganske strukture, zmanjšanje hyperarousal k danemu dražljaju ali spomin; Možgani nato reconsolidates spomin, zaznavanje, občutek, ali mentalno sliko, medtem ko se na novo z zmanjšanim ali odsotnim hyperarousal zadržani kot nov odziv na začetnih dražljajev (Feinstein, 2008).

Ruden (2010) trdi, EFT tehnike s poudarkom na pokazatelje, ki proizvajajo stresa, kot so strah ali travmatičnih spominov, depotentiate živčne poti, ki vzdržujejo neprilagojeno pogojene odzive; to pomeni, da tehnike EFT zakodirati pogojene odzive, ki ustvarjajo neugodne učinke želenih vedenj ali občutkov. To ustvarja kognitivne prestrukturiranja možganov, tako stare paradigme urejanje ni več vaše odgovore.


Tukaj je osnovni postopek EFT, ki sestoji iz dotikom na vsako od osmih energetske točke meridianov med uporabo izjavo izjava, ki sovpada s spominom ali občutek. Procesija prisluškovanje lahko razlikujejo glede na terapevt ali zdravnik, s katerimi delate, saj lahko izjave afirmacije.

Nekateri zdravniki uporabljajo industrijski standard, “Čeprav imam (ali občutek) ta strah zavrnitve, sem se globoko in globoko sprejemam,” ?? medtem ko so drugi zdravniki raje tok dialoga zavesti. S slednjo metodo, bi se dotaknete kot ste rekli karkoli pride na misel, da bi želeli delati z uporabo krajšega stavek ponoviti, kot si še naprej dotaknite postopku točk za okrepitev vprašanje delate.

Čeprav lahko zaporedje točke prisluškovanje razlikujejo, bom delil z vami, kaj je delal za mene, kar se zdi tudi najbolj pogosti. Kot ste ponoviti izbrano frazo ali vprašanje, tapnete na karate chop točki, ali stran roko, nato pa v notranjosti vaše obrvi, potem pa stran od vaših oči, kost pod vašimi očmi, pod nosom, med svoj spodnja ustnica in brada, potem svoj ključnice točka, pod roko, in nato na vrh glave. To bi skleniti eno ponovitev.

Želite biti prepričani, da ne bi izkoristili premočno. Hočeš, da spodbujajo meridiane, vendar ne želite, da povzročijo odrgnine ali bolečine. Poglej naslednjo razpredelnico za vizualni zastopanje pravih prisluškovanje točk.

Kje lahko izvem It?

Obstaja več načinov, da se učijo ali upravljajo EFT, kot s pomočjo terapevta ali overjena EFT praktik na ravni skupine in na posameznih okoljih. Če ste sposobni, predlagam učenje v okolju, kjer lahko imajo certificiran EFT izvajalcu prepričajte, da ste pravilno prisluškovanje vaših energijskih meridianov. Ker je ta metoda je tako hitro in enostavno naučiti, ne boste imeli, da pour denarja v neskončnih sej, ki imajo EFT terapevta. To je nekaj, kar lahko storite sami, kjerkoli in kadarkoli želite, vam pooblastitvi v vašem zdravju in zdravljenju.

Obstajajo tudi poučni DVD-jev lahko uporabite doma kot točilno Solution in Project prisluškovanje: Tapping Into obilja z Dr. Carol Look. To so velike alternative za tiste, ki živijo na območjih, kjer nimate dostopa do certificiranega EFT praktik.

Če se odločite, da se naučijo ali pa poskusite EFT, jaz predlagam, ostal dobro hidrirani, da izboljšate svojo biološko elektroprevodnost in narediti eno sejo tik preden greste v posteljo. Ko se boste naučili nekaj novega, ali spremeniti vzorec razmišljanja in takoj zaspi, imate nekaj ur, da se vključijo novo predlogo v možganih brez prekinitev, zaradi česar je bolj učinkovito in strjenega sprememb.

Duhovne & Osebna Posledice

Z uspešnim izvajanjem EFT v vašo dnevno rutino, si lahko sami pooblasti, da prevzame nadzor nad svoja čustva, misli in kako se odločite, da bodo imeli svoje življenje. Predstavljajte si, da izkorenini iracionalne strahove, ko vstopijo vašo zavest ali premagovanje travmatični dogodek, ki je zadušiti del vašega življenja.

Nimate več živeti v ujetništvu, da miselnih procesov, ki ne služijo vaše najvišje dobro, ali jemljete zdravila, ki služijo le kot začasno pomoč v pasu, medtem ko zastrupitve vaš sistem. Vi ne bi bilo, da bi poskušali zatreti negativnih čustev ali misli, ker so stopile vaše zavedanje, da jih lahko varno in neboleče pogasiti.

Ki jih prinaša ravnovesje in notranji mir v vaše življenje, vam ponujamo več ravnotežje in mir na svetu. Vsak energijsko polje je povezano, dogorevala sveca in teče skupaj, da ustvarijo še večje področje energetike. S popravljanjem svojega pretok energije, vam pomaga pri uravnoteženju celoto. Imate možnost, da sami zdraviti na več načinov; EFT je hitro, enostavno, stroškovno učinkovito in spodbuja svojo edinstveno Zenith izraz.


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** Opozorilo:. Pred sodelovanjem v vsakem zdravstvenem programu, je najbolje, da se obrnete na zdravnika ali zdravstveno ponudnik, ki mu zaupate, da bo najboljša odločitev za vaše individualne potrebe **

O avtorju

Polly Anin najgloblja strast že od otroštva je bil pomagati človeštvu. Ona je začela na posebnem duhovno in izobraževalno pot, ki ji je omogočila možnost deliti svoje izkušnje, pridobijo ezoterično in znanstveni vpogled, in pomaga drugim na svojih individualnih poti do osebne rasti in razsvetljenja.

Ona je izobražen tako v umetnosti in znanosti, kjer je diplomiral z odliko z diplomo iz umetnosti v gledališču in podjetništvo in ona je na tem, da prestopite Skupaj cum laude z magisterij znanosti na področju psihologije. Ona bo potem delal na njen doktorat iz psihologije, zavesti in kozmologije. Beyond njeno izobraževanje, ona je duhovna intuitiven Empath, in je pridobil dodatne poverilnice in potrdil v neurolinguistic programiranje, duhovno vodstvo, transformativno življenjski coaching in čustvenih tehnik svobode (EFT). Moje ozadje mi je dopustil, da pridobijo globlje razumevanje sebe, človeško stanje, in me je naučil, kako izvesti temeljite raziskave.

Polly meni ni nič bolj pomembno kot vsakega posameznika na tem čudovitem planetu, zavedajoč se svoje avtentično, notranjo sebe in resnično vredno. Za več informacij o Polly Ane in njenih člankov, preverite svojo spletno stran positive-pollyanna.com

Disclaimer: Ta članek ni namenjen za zagotavljanje zdravniško pomoč, diagnoze ali zdravljenja. Stališča, izražena tukaj ne odražajo nujno Wake Up svetovne ali njegovo osebje.

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