Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer

A woman suffered from basal cell carcinoma skin cancer, located on the crown on her head. She was cured after her daughter insisted that she tries baking soda paste, and apply it directly on the area.

Her mother first resisted, but Azizo, a respected writer and supporter of natural medicine, read many articles about people who cured their skin cancer using a combination of baking soda, or soda bicarbonate.

Azizo applied the remedy for 38 days, and her mother was completely free from skin cancer and the wound healed completely. This type of skin cancer is not deadly as melanoma can be, but it does continue spreading on the skin until cured completely

It is regular household baking soda they were using, nothing fancy or expensive. Of course, the rumors about aluminium in baking soda are totally misguided. Baking powder contains aluminium, unless it is labeled as aluminium free.

Baking soda provides alkaline environment, and as we already discussed, tumors only thrive in acidic environment.

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